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  • Republicans Aren’t Getting the Jobs Done

    Tuesday, August 22, 2017

    HAMILTON – Today, the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services reported that the unemployment rate in Butler County went up for the third straight month in a row to 4.9%, leaving it at virtually the same level it was in January 2017 (5.1%) and at the exact same level it was two years ago (4.9% June 2015).  Butler County’s rising unemployment rate is higher than all surrounding counties except Montgomery County (5.2%).  [Source: Journal News (08/22/2017), “Jobless rate in Butler County ticks up;” U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics Data, LAUS Survey (not seasonally adjusted) from 2007-2017 by County (accessed 08/22/2017) (“BLS data”).]


    Butler County Executive Committee Chair Jocelyn Bucaro issued the following statement in response to today’s disappointing jobs numbers for Butler County:

    “Once again, Republicans’ economic policies have failed Butler County families.  Butler County Republicans have been in one embarrassing headline after another this year as our economy is stuck in neutral and an opioid epidemic rages out of control.  The Democratic Party is ready to give voters a real choice and change in this county from the failed leadership of the GOP.”

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  • Butler County Democratic Party Statement on Charlottesville

    Monday, August 14, 2017

    In response to this weekend’s events, Ohioans have seen tepid responses from Republicans from President Donald Trump down to all of the GOP candidates for Governor in Ohio and Josh Mandel.  [Source: Cincinnati Enquirer (August 14, 2017), “Ohio GOP sounded a lot like Donald Trump in responses to Charlottesville.”]  The Butler County GOP took the opportunity to… spread an attack on former President Obama.  Butler County Sheriff Jones took to Twitter to call for a ban of masks before advocating President Trump to pardon a former sheriff convicted of ignoring court orders about engaging in illegal racial profiling.   [Source: Washington Post (08/14/17), “Trump says he is considering a pardon for former Ariz. sheriff Joe Arpaio.”]

    “A ban on masks would have done nothing to prevent the murder in Charlottesville.  The problem isn’t masks; it’s that white supremacists feel comfortable going without them as politicians like Josh Mandel defend their agenda of racism and sexism.  We need our leaders to call this for what it was: an act of domestic terrorism against Americans by white supremacists who have no place in our political parties.  They need to say any politician seeking to attract their support is unfit to serve public office.  That anyone who ignores the rule of law to further racist policies shouldn’t be given a slap on the wrist.  We need them to stand up against Nazis and hatemongers.  That shouldn’t be this hard for them to do.  Our WWII veterans and Holocaust survivors deserved better in this moment of character and choosing,” said Jocelyn Bucaro, Chair of the Butler County Democratic Party Executive Committee. 

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  • Butler County Democratic Party Breaks Fundraising Records

    Friday, August 4, 2017

    (HAMILTON)- A review of the most recent campaign reports on file with the Butler County Board of Elections compared to reports filed at the same time going back to 2011 show that the Democratic Party has never raised as much money during the same period (first six months of the year), nor had as much on hand, and the party continues to chip away at the cash advantage of the Republican Party in the county.

    Jocelyn Bucaro, Chair of the Executive Committee, credits the party’s growing grassroots small donor base.  “With our growing fundraising base of small donors, our party is breaking fundraising records and have more cash on hand than we have ever had at this point in the year for the past decade.  Butler County residents are tired of Republican politicians who are more focused on pushing controversial wedge issues to get themselves some free press rather than actually addressing the lack of economic opportunity in many of our communities and an opiod epidemic that is raging out of control.”

    The Democratic Party raised nearly four times the amount it raised in 2012 and an 18% increase in its fundraising from a year prior.  Recently, the party’s Executive Committee authorized the party to exercise its option to purchase its headquarters in downtown Hamilton early next year, making the Democratic Party the only county party with a permanent headquarters in the county.

    “With no debts, unlike our counterparts, the Butler County Democratic Party has shown it is fiscally frugal so that it can make permanent investments in building the party in Butler County while closing the gap with the Republican Party.  This county changed parties in the 1990s because Republicans argued that they could deliver change and improve the ‘Rust Belt’ communities here being left behind economically.  They have failed to deliver and voters are again looking more and more at making a change in this county,” said Butler County Democratic Party spokesman Brian Hester.

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