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Central, Executive Committees and Regional Chairs

Executive Committee

This body votes to endorse candidates for public office. It also assists and advises the Governing Board in a variety of Party operations. Membership consists of all members of the Central Committee and up to 130 at-large members. At-large members require approval by the Executive Committee Chair and a majority vote of committee members present and voting.


  • Endorsing candidates for public office.
  • Electing at-large members of the Governing Board.
  • Advising and assisting the Executive Council in candidate selection, fund raising, communication and other areas as directed by the Committee Chair.

Executive Committee Officers

Chair - Jocelyn Bucaro

Vice Chair - Ronnie Wardrup

Secretary - Kim Cornett

Treasurer - Brittany Maloney

Central Committee

This committee is the focal point for precinct organization and getting out the vote. Members are elected from each precinct in Butler County at the Primary Election held every four years. Vacancies are filled using this process: The nominee is recommended by a committee member, then approved by the Chair and finally voted in by committee members present and voting. Members must reside in the precincts that they represent.


  • Chartering of Democratic clubs in the county.
  • Organizing at the precinct level.
  • Coordinating workshops for precinct leaders.
  • Nominating and providing orientation to prospective members of the Central and Executive Committees.

Central Committee Officers

Chair - Kathy Wyenandt

Vice Chair


Treasurer - Mickey Smith

Governing Board

This is the Party’s primary governing body. It consists of the officers of the Executive and Central Committees and 5 at-large members elected by the Executive Committee. The Chair of the Executive Committee serves as Chair of the Executive Council, as well as Party Chair and spokesperson.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Recommending candidates for public office to the Executive Committee for endorsement.
  • Disbursing party funds to endorsed candidates.
  • Setting the agenda for the Party and conducting daily operations.

At Large Members:

Frank Cloud

Cynthia Pinchback-Hines

Dave Spurrier

Brian Hester

Regional Teams:

Butler County is divided into four regions with a chairperson coordinating all activities in each region.  The Executive Committee chair appoints the regional chairs.  The regions roughly correspond to the county's State House districts. 

The Central Region includes Hamilton, Fairfield and Ross Township as well as most of St. Clair Township.  Our Central Chair is Johnny Hamilton from Fairfield. 

The Western Region includes Oxford, Oxford Twp, Reily, Milford, Hanover and Morgan Twps.  Our Western Chair is Don Daiker from Oxford. 

The Northeastern Region includes Middletown, Monroe, Trenton, Madison and Wayne Twps.  The Northeastern Chair is Paul Gomia from Middletown.

The Southeast Region includes West Chester, Liberty Twp, and Fairfield Twp.  The Southeastern Chair is Dominick Lijoi from West Chester.

All party members and activists are invited and encouraged to join their regional teams.  We will be offering training, social gatherings, and Days of Action throughout the year in our efforts to build teams of active volunteers ready and able to support our Democratic candidates.  Contact our Membership Director Kayla Danford to learn more at butlercountydems@gmail.com or call 513-896-5201.