Who are the Democratic Candidates?

The Butler County Democratic Party has endorsed the following candidates and issues for the November 7, 2017 General Election:

More about a few of our endorsements:

Beth Yauch for Middletown Municipal Court Judge

Beth is a lifelong resident of Middletown, with family ties going back a century.  She has dedicated her life of service as a resident and attorney to give a voice to the less fortunate in Middletown and make sure that the law is just, fair, and equally applied.  She is committed as Middletown's next Municipal Court Judge to apply her strong moral character and fairness to all that would come before her court.

Mariann Penska for West Chester Township Trustee

In 2013, Catherine Stoker narrowly lost her seat as a West Chester Township Trustee, which went to Mark Welch who quickly used the position to attempt to railroad unconstitutional "right to work" legislation to harm working families in the Township.  Mariann Penska is fighting to give a voice for West Chester families and neighborhoods who are too often overlooked in what has becomes an overly partisan and narrowly ideologically driven board of Township Trustees so that the township can tackles the challenges it will face in the future and will put people before party.

Sample Ballot by Butler County Democratic Party